MALMS Cleaner


Removing Contamination

What is it?

Contamination of the airfield light lens is the most important factor affecting photometric performance. This contamination builds up at different rates in different locations. A single aircraft movement can deposit sufficient rubber to make a new fitting unserviceable.

MALMS Cleaner provide airport operators with a fast and effective method for cleaning lights. The Maintenance Optimizer integrates Mobile, Cleaner and Differential Maintenance methodology into a single maintenance solution enabling compliant airfield lighting serviceability to be optimized, even at the busiest airport.

MALMS Cleaner


Effective: removes rubber and other contamination
Fast: less than 10 seconds per bi-directional fitting
Single operator: No specialist training required
Vehicle independent: Cleaner can be used with any vehicle without modification because it is trailer mounted
Fully automatic: No operator input required
Environmentally friendly: Uses biodegradable dry powder to clean
- No water or chemicals to contaminate fitting
- No thermal shock to fittings (like dry ice)
- No water deposited on airfield
Integration with Engineer system.
Cleaning Data recorded by date, time and operator.

Inset or Elevated Lighting

Transverse will measure most types of inset and elevated lighting including approach lighting up to 1.5m above ground.

Laboratory Testing

Workshop will quickly and accurately measure the photometric performance of light fittings before they are installed on the airfield.

Effective Cleaning

MALMS have engineered products to remove contamination from light fittings and protect lights from future build up.

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