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MALMS Shows Its Resilience When Used In Different Climatic Temperatures


TMS recently showed the capability of using MALMS in all types of environments by the delivery of a new MALMS system to Airport Company of South Africa (ACSA). ACSA Regional Airports who operate the airports of George, Bram Fischer, East London, Port Elizabeth, Kimberly and Upington purchased the Mobile with Transverse system and PhotoBench testers for each of the airports.

The Mobile and Transverse system will be based at Port Elizabeth but over a 10 day road trip was used to test and commission new MALMS databases for the airports. The system was taken to each airport and covered a distance of over 2000km. The airports of George and Port Elizabeth are CAT 2 airports while East London and Bram Fischer were CAT 1 airports. At each airport the runway edge, threshold and end bars were tested while at George and Port Elizabeth, the centreline, touch down zone and approach lighting were also included. All airports were users of LED lighting but the MALMS testing showed that even these types of lights will require maintenance, especially cleaning and realignment.

Operating at temperatures of 30 degrees and high humidity the Mobile trailer showed its resilience and easy of use with new operators being trained each night at each airport.

At the complete opposite end of the temperature range, the Mobile trailer owned by the Aeroport De Montreal (ADM) was used to photometrically commission the newly installed LED runway lighting on runway 06-24 at Montreal Mirabel Airport. Operating at temperatures down to minus 20 degrees the Mobile trailer was used to test the runway edge, centreline and touch down zone lighting. The Mobile trailer with ADM has been in service for four years and is used at both the Montreal Trudeau International Airport and the predominately cargo airport of Mirabel. Each airport also uses the PhotoBench tester for testing refurbished lighting. Both airports use the French language version of the MALMS software for both operation and maintenance of the equipment as well as results reporting. ADM is one of four major international airports who operate the Mobile trailer in Canada.

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