How We Can Help

MALMS provides a complete range of support options for our customers across the world:

Remote support: This is provided via telephone or email and includes analysis of system problems and suspected faults, identification of operator errors, advice to assist in problem rectification, and software updates.

Calibration: MALMS recommend photometric sensors are calibrated annually.

Hardware repair and maintenance: MALMS hardware is extremely robust but in the unlikely event of failure we offer an efficient repair and maintenance service.

Database maintenance: Databases specific to each airfield are set-up at the time of commissioning and we also provide support to change, modify or extend an airports databases if required.

MALMS User Group: A support contract allows customers to attend our user group meetings.

Mobile is widely recognized as the best photometric measurement system available. A policy of continual development is designed to ensure that this leading position is maintained. The following advantages identify the key factors that make this possible.


Remote support enables operational problems to be identified and quickly resolved thereby minimizing interruption to MALMS operation.

Annual calibration of photometric sensors maintains accuracy of measurements in support of national and international standards.

Preventative maintenance plus an efficient repair service ensure MALMS serviceability is maximized.

Ongoing database support ensures accurate measurement and any changes or modifications to an airfields lighting infrastructure are taken into account with minimal disruption to MALMS .

MALMS User Group allows users to share experiences, provide feedback, receive training and learn about enhancements to our products and services and changes in the airfield lighting world.

Inset or Elevated Lighting

Transverse will measure most types of inset and elevated lighting including approach lighting up to 1.5m above ground.

Laboratory Testing

Workshop will quickly and accurately measure the photometric performance of light fittings before they are installed on the airfield.

Effective Cleaning

MALMS have engineered products to remove contamination from light fittings and protect lights from future build up.

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