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For those airfields without Photometric Testing equipment MALMS will provide its award winning equipment and services to provide regular or one time testing services to provide Airport Operators with the assurance that all their light fittings are being inspected and maintained in compliance with airport regulations.

This service is specifically designed to meet the needs of airfields without inset runway lighting that are able to be maintained to the appropriate standard with less frequent photometric testing i.e. four times per annum or less depending on usage and environmental considerations.

MALMS provides immediate and easy to interpret management reports enabling airfield lighting engineers to quickly identify and effectively rectify faults.


Enables airports to demonstrate regulatory compliance with national and international serviceability standards.

MALMS rapidly identifies lights that require maintenance contributing to an efficient airfield lighting maintenance process.

Traceability: Provides a comprehensive audit trail for the airfield lighting maintenance process and show a full history for the lights being maintained
Provides the means to demonstrate that an airport is operating safely.

Cost efficient: MALMS provide its award winning equipment and experienced airfield lighting test engineers without having to purchase their own photometric test equipment.

Inset or Elevated Lighting

Transverse will measure most types of inset and elevated lighting including approach lighting up to 1.5m above ground.

Laboratory Testing

Workshop will quickly and accurately measure the photometric performance of light fittings before they are installed on the airfield.

Effective Cleaning

MALMS have engineered products to remove contamination from light fittings and protect lights from future build up.

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