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Manchester UK Airport Adopt MALMS Cleaner For Complete Airfield Lighting Integrated Maintenance

Just prior to the Christmas holidays, Tailor Made Systems Ltd delivered and commissioned the new MALMS Cleaner system to Manchester UK Airport. This manual only version Cleaner has been developed for airports who require a simple but effective cleaning system for airfield lighting.


The Cleaner system utilises an inert sodium bicarbonate cleaning material that is blasted at the dirty lights. This will remove contaminants such as dirt and rubber, while causing no damage to the light fitting.

The unique advantages of this new Cleaner system is that it is integrated directly into the Engineer solution that records the GPS location for each light when the manual cleaning lance is triggered. This allows the operator to see which lights have been cleaned and which are still to be cleaned.

The system has a driver and an operator, with the operator standing on a platform at the front of the trailer. The operator is in communication with the driver via an intercom system, while a camera is mounted that streams the cleaning of the light to the vehicle based tablet, which the driver can view.


The effectiveness of the cleaning improves the photometric serviceability levels of the airfield lighting, which can then be demonstrated by a photometric test of the runway lighting with the Mobile system.

All data related to the cleaning is collected and transmitted to the Dashboard where the reports related to cleaning can be viewed.

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