MALMS Transverse


Inset or Elevated Lighting

What is it?

Traditional photometric testing methods take so long that threshold, runway end, stop bar light and low level approach lighting are rarely (if ever) photometrically tested rendering them potentially unsafe.

MALMS Transverse is an add-on to Mobile that is designed to vertically measure threshold, runway end, stop bar light and low level approach lighting. Transverse travels parallel to the lights being measured and can measure most types of inset and elevated lighting including approach lighting up to 1.5m above ground.

MALMS Transverse


Reduces measurement time: For thresholds, runway ends, stop bars and low-level approach lighting

Easy to use: Single operator, no specialist training required

Vehicle independent: Transverse is mounted on a Mobile trailer

Field upgradeable: Transverse can be retrofitted to existing windows based Mobile photometric systems (DOS systems are upgradeable to Windows)

Robust: Rugged design for a harsh airfield environment and can be set-up without the need for tools that could become FOD

Fault tolerant: Designed to prevent operator errors with many automatic monitoring and quality checks to ensure data integrity

Inbuilt diagnostics: Transverse incorporates efficient fault finding tools to minimize unplanned maintenance

Photometric System

Mobile measures infield lighting performance against the criteria for beam intensity and orientation defined in ICAO Annex 14.

Laboratory Testing

Workshop will quickly and accurately measure the photometric performance of light fittings before they are installed on the airfield.

Effective Cleaning

MALMS have engineered products to remove contamination from light fittings and protect lights from future build up.

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